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Volume 3, Number 3


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Dating and Sexual Relationship Trajectories and Adolescent Functioning
Catherine M. Grello, MS, Deborah P. Welsh, PhD, Melinda S. Harper, BA, Joseph W. Dickson, BA

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An Ecological View of Young Chronic Juvenile Offenders
Ann Mullis, PhD, Ron Mullis, PhD, Tom Cornille, PhD

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The Impact of Parental Divorce on Premarital Pregnancy
Robert H. Aseltine, Jr., PhD, Joanne Doucet, MA

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Adolescent Smoking Behavior: The Relative Influence of Parental and Peer Norms
Trent W. Maurer, PhD, Lisette Brunson, PhD, Joseph H. Pleck, PhD

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Individual, Family, and Community Factors Related to Alcohol Use Among Native American Adolescents
Kathleen Boyce Rodgers, PhD, William Michael Fleming, PhD

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