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Volume 1, Number 1


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Teen Tobacco Court: A Determination of the Short-term Outcomes of Judicial Proceses with Teens engaging in Tobacco Possession
Lilly M. Langer and George J. Warheit

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Mentoring as a Drug Prevention Strategy: An Evaluation of Across Ages
Robert H. Aseltine, Jr., Matthew Dupre, and Pamela Lamlein

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The Effects of Family Variables and Personal Competencies on the Initiation of Alcohol Use by Rural Seventh Grade Students
Judith R. Vicary, Anastasia R. Snyder, and Kimberly L. Henry

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Household Risk and Child Sexual Abuse in a Low Income, Urban Sample of Women
David L. Rowland, Laurie S. Zabin, and Mark Emerson

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The Role of Attachment as a Protective Factor in Adolescent Violent Behavior
Todd M. Franke

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